Visual & Performing Arts Department

From Theory to Practice:  A French-American platform on International Arts

The Visual & Performing Arts Department is dedicated to creating in-depth analytic exchange between artists and arts professionals in France and the US around the questions that concern today's global art world.

The aim of our work and research, whether in the fields of aesthetics, history, sociology or politics, is to give French and American arts professionals the means to analyze their practice, their approach, their differences, their place within the global art world, and their relationship to contemporary debates and recent art history.

Our work centers on the creation and implementation of professional platforms and research labs focused on international contemporary art and performance. Rather than limiting this practice exclusively to French art or art from France, our focus has shifted to French and American experts and their perspectives on the international scene.

This theoretical, analytic, and critical approach will lead to an array of projects such as exhibitions, performances, conferences, curators’ residencies, festivals as well as the production of publications (catalogues and critical essays). These events and materials, visible to the general public, represent only a small part of the process.

Rather than the event-driven focus of the past, we have shifted our approach, dedicating the majority of our time to research and analysis that will give rise to discussions to spur international debate.

On, the department seeks to extend this work to the web by opening up debates to site visitors and sharing our working process. Our aim is to translate the complex and rich material that these exchanges produce. 

Events, whether they be projects initiated by our team across the US or French-culture related events that are not directly related to our initiatives, are secondary, and included on this site, as part of our mission to inform.

Follow our reflections, participate if you wish, and join us for a voyage of thought and imagination.

Image: Camille Henrot, The Cages. Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris.