FEBRUARY 14, 2014

A New York, des classes bilingues franco-anglaises très prisées

By Stéphane Lauer | Le Monde
Il a suffi d'un article du New York Times, le 30 janvier, consacré au boom de l'enseignement du français à New York pour lancer le débat : quel intérêt d'apprendre la langue de Molière au moment de la montée en puissance de la Chine, ou de l'importance grandissante de l'espagnol aux Etats-Unis, s'interrogeait, avec un certain scepticisme, le magazine d'opinion The New Republic.
FEBRUARY 6, 2014

In Defense of French

By Zach Simon | Huffington Post
The following piece is a rebuttal to John McWhorter's piece in The New Republic entitled, "Let's Stop Pretending That French is an Important Language." "And when he told me French was a dead language, I knew it was true," recounted a friend of mine's mother a few months ago as I sat with his family having dinner in London. She was describing a conversation she had had with a French friend of hers...
FEBRUARY 6, 2014

En avril, l’art contemporain se découvre d’un fil

By Laureen Laboret | French Morning
New York a l’habitude des festivals d’art contemporain. Bonne nouvelle: elle vient d’en gagner un. Art2, c’est son nom, rassemblera pendant le mois d’avril (du 1er au 28), une trentaine d’artistes et de conservateurs français et américains dans une vingtaine de lieux, du MoMA à l’Institute of Fine Arts de NYU, pour une relfexion sur les rouages de l’art contemporain.
FEBRUARY 5, 2014

French Cultural Institute to Present Visual Arts Festival in New York

By Allian Kozninn | New York Times
The monthlong festival will have an academic tilt, with exhibitions, panels, lectures and workshops to explore the issues that animate the art world.
JANUARY 30, 2014

French Thrives in Schools, Thanks to France

By Kirk Semple | New York Times
Several levels of the French government have helped nurture the dual-language program, with financial aid for schools and teacher training in France
JANUARY 21, 2014

The Rules and Risks of Desire

By By Steve Dollar | Wall Street Journal
Conversations with the French writer-director Alain Guiraudie can quickly turn philosophical. And while his new film "Stranger by the Lake," a thriller about a serial killer prowling a gay cruising spot in rural France, made news for its explicit sexuality, it too revolves around intense conversations, many of them revolving around the rules and risks of desire.
JANUARY 21, 2014

Alain Guiraudie : "Tous mes films naissent de la frustration"

By Vincent Dozol | France-Amérique
A l’occasion de la sortie de L'inconnu du lac (Stranger by the lake) aux Etats-Unis le 24 janvier et de la rétrospective intégrale des films d'Alain Guiraudie au Lincoln Center, rencontre avec le réalisateur lors de son passage au New York Film Festival.
JANUARY 21, 2014

Dangerous Undertow in a Cruisers’ Haven

By A. O. Scott | New York Times
A stretch of beach and its adjoining woods, which serve as a gay cruising spot, become a crime scene in “Stranger by the Lake,” by the French filmmaker Alain Guiraudie.
JANUARY 21, 2014

FILM Alain Guiraudie

By Nicholas Elliott | Boomblog
Filmmaker Guiraudie on his upcoming feature Stranger by the Lake, a story of love pushed to extremes.
NOVEMBER 7, 2013

A Proust Marathon Kicks Off

By Andy Battaglia | Wall Street Journal
A seven-night marathon reading event devoted to Proust's "Swann's Way" kicks off in New York on Friday.
NOVEMBER 7, 2013

Best things to do this week in NYC: Swann's Way: A Nomadic Reading

By Timeout New York
To commemorate the centennial of Marcel Proust's dense, lyrical and heavily autobiographical Swann's Way—the first volume of his In Search of Lost Time series—the...
NOVEMBER 7, 2013

Celebrating the Centennial of Proust’s ‘Swann’s Way’

By Jennifer Schuessler | New York Times
The centennial of Marcel Proust’s “Swann’s Way” is being remembered through various events in the New York area.