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In 1956, the French Embassy created a new division – the Cultural Services - to provide Americans with resources to promote French culture within their own communities.

Today, the New York-based French Cultural Services continues this tradition and offers French artists and intellectuals and the American public a platform and tools for cultural exchange in arts, literature, cinema, French language programs and higher education.

Individuals, corporations and foundations join forces with the French Embassy and its non-profit partner foundation to generously support French and American university and artist exchanges, grant programs for contemporary music, theater, dance and visual art and French film festivals.

These philanthropic partnerships make French culture accessible to a new generation of Americans and bring France a little closer to the US. The Embassy is extraordinarily grateful to its generous supporters and friends.

Image: Raimund Hoghe and Takashi Ueno, Pas de deux, French Embassy, 2011 © Sophie Claudel.
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