Ambassador Delattre at Columbia University

November 12, 2012 | By French Culture

The French Ambassador told the audience that despite the current economic crisis and because France and the United States share the same vision of the world, the context has never been so favorable for the French-American partnership which grows stronger and more innovative every day.

According to  France and the US are key partners both on strategic issues, such as addressing the Syrian and Libyan crisis, as well as on economic issues with the US being the top foreign investor in France and France being one of the top five foreign investors in the US.

’As we live in an increasingly “multipartner” world’ the Ambassador said,‘Europe is more relevant than ever as America’s traditional key partner. This is why it is France’s priority to strengthen Europe’s position as global player on the international scene and to foster the European integration process.’ Ambassador Delattre then answered questions from the audience and spoke with Columbia students.

The Ambassador then answered audience questions, and spoke with Columbia students.

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