June 26, 2012 | By Ora Niknamfard

Dear Friends,

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy

work with cultural and academic institutions

across the United States. Our focus is to

promote contemporary arts and emerging

artists. Under the direction of the French

Ambassador to the United States, Pierre

Vimont, our mandate is to initiate and sustain a

high-spirited cultural exchange between the

most promising French and American artists,

writers, thinkers, students, and educators, and

to continually enhance the number and caliber

of opportunities available to them. Our

headquarters are in New York City and at

the French Embassy in Washington, D. C.


with regional offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles,

Miami, New Orleans, and San Francisco.

Each year, we participate in more than 1,000 events throughout the United

States. Without our support, the innovative and dynamic partnerships that we

develop, and which have significantly nurtured the art scenes in both the

United States and France, would not exist. The work of the Cultural Services is

variously advisory, conceptual, developmental, promotional and administrative.

Regularly, the Cultural Services join forces with partners to organize


I Kiffe NY: French Urban Cultures (October 2008), Graphic Novels

from Europe

(November 2008), Festival of New French Writing: French and

American Authors in Conversation

(February 2009), Films on the Green

(summers 2008 and 2009), and

OohLaLA French Music Festival in Los


(September 2009), among others.

Little known is the fact that this excellent programming depends in large part

on corporate sponsorship and donations from individuals and foundations.

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy work closely with our non-profit

partner FACE (French American Cultural Exchange) to create grants and

programs that promote French-American exchange. We do not just promote

French artists and art organizations, we also actively support their American

counterparts. For this, we depend on the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as

well as on the generosity of our friends both in the United States and France.

In order to continue supporting the essential work that French, Francophone

and American artists contribute to our societies, the support of friends such

as yourselves is indispensable.

I invite you to explore our many programs. Bonne lecture!

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