French Cultures Festival 2015

March 1- 31, 2015
The Cultural Service at the French Consulate in Houston coordinates the French Cultures Festival (FCF) taking place in March in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The festival aims at celebrating French language through cultural and educational events.

Spoken by 220 million people on the five continents and by 1.3 million people in the United States, French language is the second most widely learnt language in the world. Since 1970, the entire world has had a unique opportunity to celebrate French language on March 20, which marks the birth of the Intergovernmental Organization of French-speaking nations (Organisation internationale de la francophonie). 

Each year in March, on the occasion of the Francophonie celebrations, the Cultural Service at the French Consulate in Houston organizes the French Cultures Festival (FCF) in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. A celebration of the diversity of "la francophonie", it brings together people who not only speak French, but also feel, in one way or another, connected to French cultures and the Francophone community.

One of the major objectives of the French Cultures Festival is to create awareness of the diversity of contemporary French culture and to stimulate exchanges with the public.

The FCF gathers many institutional partners from diplomatic representations, museums, universities, schools and many other organizations. Last year, over 30 cultural and educational events were showcased during the Festival in the three states covered by the Cultural Service. For more information on the Festival, you can read the 2015 French Cultures Festival Report and the 2014 Report.

Official Calendar

The French Cultures Festival features numerous events including lectures and talks, film screenings, performances, concerts, encounters with artists and writers, training sessions for teachers, exhibits and many other educational activities.


Free-Kick Off Concert

Don't miss the FCF kick-off concert
March 13 I Discover Green Park, Downtown Houston I 6:00 - 10:00 PM
LINE UP: The Dove and the Wolf (France), Deep Cuts (Houston), The Inspector Cluzo (France) and Air Bag One (France)
More information HERE

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FCF Treasure Map Houston

In various locations across Houston, a special "French Cultures Festival" menu or dish is available for purchase for all French cuisine lovers and gastronomes. From foie gras, carbonnade de boeuf, chocolate truffles, sole meunière to a French Cultures Festival cocktail menu there is something to please every palate. To discover which restaurants are participating please visit "French Cultures Festival Treasure Map".


The French Cultures Festival would not be possible without the support of our valued sponsors. This year, our sponsors are: TotalGDF Suez, TV5 Monde, Schlumbergerthe Confederation of Switzerland, the Government of Canada and the Swiss-American Society Houston. 




A special thanks to the official Designer of the French Cultures Festival 2015, Hillary Brindell