Win a Pair of Economy Class Tickets to Paris!

September 3, 2014 | By French Culture

Do you know which French fashion designer is famous for the cone bra? Or what American TV show is also known as Le juste prix? Can you name all the wine regions of France or every film by Jean-Luc Godard? Do you know your masculin and féminin nouns? If so, you've got a chance to win a pair of round-trip tickets to Paris on Air France!

Play Games to Win!

From September 4 through October 14, play your way to the top of the Leaderboard by racking up points with correct answers. The contestant with the highest score on the Leaderboard on October 14, 2014 will win two round trip Economy class tickets NYC-Paris on Air France*. Second place winner will receive a $200 certificate, and thrid prize will receive a $100 gift certificate, for Albertine, Books in French and English.

Each week, we will add new games to the platform, providing more opportunities to collect points. To stay up-to-date, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Have an idea for a new game? Disagree with the answer to question on a game you’ve just played? Share your ideas and comments with us at

*Terms and conditions apply. Download terms and conditions.

Get started!

1. Create a user account here and play as many games as you can

2. Collect points for each correct answer* and climb the Leaderboard

3. Winners** will be announced October 14, 2014

* Please note, contestants may accumulate points by playing several games, however, only first round score for each games is counted towards overall rank.

** The contestant with the highest score on the Leaderboard on October 14, 2014 will receive two round-trip tickets New York–Paris on Air France (terms and conditions apply). The second and third place winners will receive $200 and $100 gift certificates (respectively) to Albertine Books in French and English.

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