Farewell, My Queen

July 9, 2012 | By French Culture

The French film Farewell, My Queen that opened the Berlin Film Festival was just released in the United States. At this occasion, Antonin Baudry, the Cultural Counsellor of the French Embassy hosted a ceremony paying tribute to Benoît Jacquot, the director, Diane Kruger, who plays Marie-Antoinette, and Charles Cohen, the distributor.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Jean-Luc Godard once said: « I only want to talk about cinema, why talk about something else? With cinema we can talk about everything, we can do everything. »

Well, I’m just Antonin Baudry, the Cultural Counsellor of the French Embassy, but tonight I feel like Jean-Luc Godard.

No more diplomacy, no more politics, only cinema.

Only Farewell my Queen, a real masterpiece.

Benoît Jacquot and Diane Kruger invited you to Versailles. And more modestly, with the support of Unifrance, we have invited you to the Palais des Festival, like in Cannes.

Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret, but we too have a palace in New York City!

This mansion is the home of French Culture.

It’s your home dear Benoît.

Your films are the embodiment of French literature. You are the most poetic French director. No wonder why : Marguerite Duras was your master.

I heard you conceived the movie as an arc and the young and beautiful Sidonie as the arrow.  

This evening, Charles Cohen is our archer, firing the arrow into the ultimate target for cinema lovers: the United States.

I would like to deeply thank the Cohen Media Group for this beautiful evening.

And one last personal word, thanks to you, dear Charles, Benoît, and Diane, I am really proud to be French tonight.

Bonne soirée !

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