France Alumni Reception in Washington D.C.

January 20, 2017 | By French Culture

On January 18th, 2017, Deputy Cultural Counselor Thomas Michelon delivered the following remarks at a reception for the launch of France Alumni USA in Washington DC. Mr. Michelon explained the mission and benefits of this new network, whose aim is to connect and support American professionals who studied in France.

Thank you Monsieur le Consul.

As you just mentioned, after a successful launch in New York last September with French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Jean-Marc Ayrault, and Director of Campus France, Béatrice Khaiat, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy wanted to host a local launch ceremony at each consulate, in order to bring together organizations, university partners and local alumi.

After the launch in Los Angeles last week, Miami and Atlanta in December, and Chicago and Boston in October, it is now Washington D.C.’s turn!

France Alumni USA aims to create an international network of professionals who have completed part or all of their studies in France. This network is absolutely essential to helping young professionals truly leverage their time in France. We believe it will be very useful to all students and alumni of your study abroad programs, and we would be so pleased if you could reach out to them and spread the word!

France Alumni USA provides access to job and internship offers in both the US and France, special events organized throughout the U.S., a directory of alumni who have studied in France, and many discussion groups.

If you have not already done so, we invite you to create a profile on France Alumni USA with the help of one of our Campus France agents here tonight. 

France Alumni USA is an international platform and a network for professionals--and we need you! By joining us, you become part of a growing community of about 2,200 alumni registered around the country--a number that continues to soar. As Mr le Consul just mentioned, some 18,000 U.S. students go France each year.

If you have a professional event to promote, or a job or an internship to offer, please contact us and become a partner.

If you have studied in France and want to keep in touch or extend your experience when back in D.C., please register! You can even create an event through the France Alumni USA website.

To conclude, I would like to thank our very special team that works behind the scenes. First, Campus France--the part of our network based in Paris--and also the local team who designed the platform for you. Mar in San Francisco, Mickael in Boston, and the rest of the D.C.-based Campus France team, are all interested in your feedback and want to help you make this platform your own. So, do not hesitate to reach out to them tonight.

Now, we'd like to show you a quick video presentation which will give you a better idea of the scope of the platform than words could convey...