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UNTITLED: Elvire Bonduelle / Claire Trotignon

During Art Basel Miami Beach 2015, the contemporary art fair UNTITLED highlighted the work of two French emerging women artists: Elvire Bonduelle, at galerie laurent mueller, and Claire Trotignon represented by Galerie de Roussan. UNTITLED was created in 2012 with an innovative approach in the presentation of the artists' work, privileging the display of curated solo shows, as is the case of these two artists; since 2014, it has been curated by Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud with curators Christophe Boutin and Melanie Scarciglia (co-founders of artist’s book publishing house onestar press and Three Star Books).

Elvire Bonduelle created a project, in situ, entitled "The Rotating Painting Booth" featuring a series of paintings which - as the name suggests- rotate. This project is a continuation of a work in progress over several years that deals with the observation of our immediate surroundings - a work which she developed when considering waiting rooms as a perfect setting to contemplate art. In "Rotating Paintings", the artist is inspired by the use of landscape as an architectural component of California homes. Each painting, although we can distinguish their top and bottom, can be viewed from four different angles.

While Bonduelle's work explores the mundane and the search for happiness, Trotignon's work seems to recompose broken pieces of an etching resulting in the paradoxical representation of a landscape that is both graphic and ethereal. These imaginary landscapes re-articulate our notion of space. They may evoke the sublime (romanticism) or the infinitude of nature (as in a futuristic image).

Since its inception, Art Basel Miami Beach has attracted numerous fringe art fairs of various quality throughout the city. Among them, are new fairs such as UNTITLED that, with a more conceptual approach, has allowed artists like Bonduelle and Trotignon to value their work and emerge amid an otherwise sprawling art market.

 Image credit: Claire Trotignon, Drawing, collage of blue silkscreen print on silk paper, 126 x 170 cm each, Private collections, 2015