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Jan 22
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Léa Le Bricomte : artist in residency

French artist Léa Le Bricomte is a firm believer in Robert Filliou’s famous dictum: “Art is what makes life more interesting than art”. You might even say that she has made this gnomic proclamation her rallying cry. The vital, pulsating energy of life is at the heart of all of her work, and it is no coincidence that her body regularly serves as the canvas and subject matter for her performances, with animalistic overtones and recurring references to weapons in various guises. A worthy heir to the iconoclastic, internationalist approach of Filliou, Léa Le Bricomte considers playfulness a vital artistic tool, and peace the ultimate artistic goal. Her work explores notions of conflict and combat through the use of military materials and imagery: shells, bullets, targets, medals, handcuffs, all diverted from their intended purpose.

As an example, with its unequivocally military title, one of her recent works: Guerre de Tribus [Tribal War] combines mortar shells, grenades and rockets with feathers and braided leather from the Huron-Wendat Indian reserve just outside Quebec, in the Capitale-Nationale region. This dynamic, 1500-strong community speaks both French and Wendat, a language almost lost for a century but now enjoying a renaissance. In recent years, numerous members of the community have led a revival of the culture and traditions of their ancestors. The use of feathers and leather braiding techniques is a manner of fighting against oblivion, preserving the memory of a people whose identity was almost stolen from them.  

Léa Le Bricomte’s work carries echoes of this history, wrapped up in a ceremonial, musical sculpture endowed with the breath of life.

The work she completed during her residency in Miami at Fountainhead is witness to the same contradictions between battle and harmony, between death and life. Indeed live ammunitions are her art weapons:  she uses them to recall the often forgotten history of Seminole Indians in Florida. During her one month residency, made possible with the support of the French Embassy Cultural Services and the France Florida Foundation for the Arts, Léa le Bricomte visited several Seminole reserves in South Florida to understand and translate their concerns through flags, feathers and symbols, reassembled to shed new light on history and question its boundaries with art, crafts, and cultural heritage.

MEET THE ARTIST Sat April 28, at 6-8pm at Fountainhead Residency Open House with two other artists Deborah Roberts and Genevieve Gaignard.

Fountainhead Residency
600 NE 56TH Street
Miami FL 33137