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Traveling By All Means

To travel is to see, and sometimes, to not see—to escape. Whether out of desperation or despair, or simply out of a craving for a thrill, take a journey by all means with these selected modern day summer reads—by foot, car, boat, plane, or hot air balloon—and break away with our protagonists from the mundane of the present and problems of the past.

La Traversée des Alpes by Antoine de Baecque (Gallimard, 2014)From the author’s own 650 kilometer hike in the Alpes, comes an original form of writing that combines the centurial history and walking testimonies of a long lauded trail.

 Saint-Germain puis rouler vers l’ouest by Bruno le Floc’h (Dargaud, 2009)Alexis hits the road towards the west of France to find Mary, the love of his life, who has left without notice. All he has as clues to her whereabouts are an obscure phone number and the name of a town Dinard where Mary’s British family resides.

Chercher le vent by Guillaume Vigneault (Points, 2007)Jack can do anything: fishing, flying planes, kidnapping his friend from the psych ward and taking him along for a ride to “look for the wind”. Trying to escape his past and setting his sails on the open road, Jack needs to keep moving…

The Strange Death of Sullivan Chance by Thierry Maugenest (Roaring Forties Press, Nov. 2014)Sullivan Chance, is plucked from rustic Southwestern obscurity and thrust into the spotlight of a new “reality” show by a scheming producer. Penniless Sullivan has eighty days to travel around the world by begging and borrowing whatever he can. If he makes it, he will win $10 million.

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