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Announcing Futures Of The Book Program // October 22 - 26, 2013

Join us, and an international crowd of philosophers, writers, book hackers and emerging internet publishing companies in San Francisco for a whole week of events dedicated to reading, writing, and publishing in the digital era.

Today, ubiquitous e-books, augmented books, apps, and transmedia narratives are disrupting a cultural, economical, and technical model that has been in place for the past 500 years. New technologies are both a potential poison, a source of anxiety, and yet an opportunity for new developments, for new experiences. The goal of this week is to bring to the public a better understanding of the cultural changes at stake, as well as an update on the most recent advances in the field of e-book design. It will involve people from both sides of the Atlantic, different perspectives.

“Futures of the book” includes public and professional conferences, a hackday, an exhibition of prototypes from Europe and the USA. It will bring together the e-pub community, scholars, and designers.

The program features: “Creating Minds”, a one day symposium @ UC Berkeley Center for New Media, an exhibition of prototypes of augmented books @ Swissnex SF, “Books in Browsers”, a two days summit @ Internet Archive followed by a hackday…  

See detailed program here.

Stay tuned for interviews with participants:

- Bernard Stiegler (philosopher, director of Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation)- François Bon (writer and founder of publie.net)- Dominique Cunin (artist, and main programmer on Mobilizing)- Etienne Mineur (designer, founder of Editions Volumiques)

This program is presented by The Mission Culturelle Française aux Etats-Unis, Swissnex San Francisco, The Goethe Institute San Francisco, UC Berkeley Center for New Media, Books in Browsers, with the support of the Mellon Foundation and of the French American Cultural Society.