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The Art Of Laziness

Whether working or on vacation, everyone can feel the drowsy weight of the summer. Memorial Day has passed and Labor Day is still on its way. In the interim, while lazy dazing and dozing at work (or on the beach), explore your sluggish, sloth-like desires and the art of laziness through these summer reads. A credo for the week: Vive la paresse!

The Right To Be Lazy by Paul Lafargue (AK Press, 2011)A spirited attack on the notion of the “work ethic”, Lafargue’s manifesto and collection of essays represent a masterpiece of critical theory and rip-roaring radical humor.

Paresse, histoire d’un péché capital by André Rauch (Armand Colin, 2013)Once considered a cardinal sin in the Middle-Ages, laziness and morality go hand-in-hand. Discover the cultural roots and understandings behind this “plague of the soul” and the various degrees of our lackluster spirits over time.

Gaston 14 : Gaffes, Bévues et Boulettes by André Franquin  (Dupuis, 2009)Gaston is a comic strip created in 1957 in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou. The series focuses on the every-day life of Gaston Lagaffe (whose surname means "the blunder"), a lazy and accident-prone office junior.

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