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The Believer Lands In France!

The literary magazine, The Believer, was created in San Francisco by Dave Eggers of McSweeny’s Publishing along with several of his friends in order "to focus on writers and books we like", with a nod to "the concept of the inherent Good.” Now, for first time, a quarterly edition of The Believer will be available in French from the French publishing house Editions Inculte.


The magazine draws on a staple of recurring features, including book reviews, interviews, letters from readers but also covers other arts and general culture. Notable monthly features include "Sedaratives," an advice column founded by Amy Sedaris that hosts a guest contributor every month. Illustrations and cartoons are featured throughout the magazine. The cover illustrations are done by Charles Burns, while most of the other portraits and line drawings are by Tony Millionaire.

For its first French publication March 2012, The Believer will select some of the best articles of the last three issues published in the U.S., and will include selections from its archive of past issues.

In England and in the U.S., over 50,000 readers look forward to The Believer’s literary, artistic and philosophical essays. Let’s hope that French readers enjoy discovering each issue just as much.

Link: The Believer