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Britney Spears, A French Literary Star!


One of the highlights of the (very) French "rentrée littéarire" is, Le Ravissement de Britney Spears, the new novel by the magnificent Jean Rolin, published by POL. The story unfolds in Los Angeles where a secret agent has been sent by the French police in search of… Britney Spears.

Mr. Rolin, author of The Explosion, Radiator Hose (Dalkey Archive Press) and Christians (IG Publishing), sketches a character working with several handicaps: he doesn’t know how to drive, doesn’t know the first thing about show business and smokes in public… It’s interesting to see how, the author, a longtime journalist with no drivers license, has written himself into the character. The story is also an amusing and insightful look at contemporary American society.

Jean Rolin is scheduled to be part of the jury at the Festival du Film Américian de Deauville, September 2-11, 2011. This year’s prestigious Lucien Barrière Prize will be awarded to the Irish-American novelist Michael Collins. A good example of transatlantic literary exchange!