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Assises Du Roman: International Forum On The Novel


 The 6th International Forum on the Novel (Les Assises Internationales du Roman 2012) opened last Monday night (May 28, 2012) in Lyon with a conversation between writers Catherine Millet, Camille Laurens and Lydia Flem on “the question of truth.” It is a theme that runs throughout the conference, which will cover timely topics such as “political corruption and violence,” “money, power and privilege,” “writing sexuality,” and “the marginal and the excluded.” 

With conversations, panels, and readings that include not only novelists, but filmmakers, psychiatrists and designers, the festival hopes to be a place for “rigorous and friendly thought,” in the words of Adelaide Fabre, director of programming at the Villa Gillet in Lyon. Villa Gillet co-organized the event with newspaper Le Monde, which will also be running a daily description of the proceedings by Congolese-American author Emmanuel Dongala. The organizers have also put together related events in theaters, libraries and bookstores throughout the surrounding region.

The festival is an opportunity for conversations across both disciplines and national borders with participants hailing from an array of countries around the world, including Americans Francisco Goldman, William T. Vollman and Frederick Wiseman. Douglas Kennedy will give a unique performance on June 2nd, in which he will discuss pictures from the French Archive INA, the largest audiovisual archive in France. “What is at stake in this joyous, ephemeral Babel,” writes Le Monde Books, “is the possibility of a new international school of literature.”

The 6th International Forum on the Novel will runs from May 28 - June 3, 2012. For more information, visit Villa Gillet.