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Oct 21
When Conjugation Becomes A Game Oct 21, 2017 Albertine Books 972 Fifth Avenue New York, NY
Oct 16
Cairn Ensemble: US Tour Oct 16 - 29, 2017 University of Boston
Oct 6
La Femme: US Tour Oct 6 - 29, 2017 Botton Lounge 375 West Lake Street Chicago, IL 60607

An Online Database For French Language Texts

Created in September 2005 by four Belgian and French publishers, Cairn offers the most comprehensive collection of French language publications in the humanities and social sciences available online. In 2013, around 400 journals and more than 4,000 eBooks from French, Belgian and Swiss major publishers will be made available at www.cairn.info, enabling students, scholars and librarians all over the world to access more than 200,000 articles and book chapters online, in full-text.

All publications proposed on Cairn.info have a strong link with the French language, which doesn’t mean that there is not English content available through this service: around 50,000 abstracts are currently available in English on Cairn.info and over 2,000 full-text English articles, either in their original language of publication or translated from the French.

To make this content more visible and accessible to non-francophone scholars, Cairn.info - with the support of the CNL, a French governmental agency dedicated to the promotion of French publications around the world - has designed a specific interface enabling internet users to browse and easily access French journal content without speaking a word of French.

This new interface will be presented this week, at the Public Hotel Chicago, during the annual conference of the American Library Association. For a transcript of the conference click here.

For more information, contact CAIRN at licences@cairn.info or visit them online at www.cairn.info / www.centrenationaldulivre.fr/en/