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Jan 22
The Murderer Lives at Number 21 Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC
Jan 22
Art After Slavery Columbia Maison Francaise East Gallery, Buell Hall 515 West 116th Street New York, NY 10027
Jan 1
Boris Chouvellon: an Artist in Residence Show Gallery 1515 N Gardner St Los Angeles, CA 90046

After Tomorrow: Season Launch!

The Cultural and Scientific Services of the French Embassy in the United States, The French Consulate in San Francisco, the French Tech San Francisco, the Institut Français and the French American Cultural Society are launching “After Tomorrow,” a season of talks and exhibitions  that will draw together artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, sociologists, writers, to share and debate their divergent perspectives on what our world will look like “after tomorrow.”

The Future of Art, Tech, and Science

As time accelerates and innovation constantly reinvents our daily habits, it is tempting to say that today already is tomorrow. This series prompts us to take a step back and start thinking together about what our future will really look like. The fourth industrial revolution is now a reality. Having started in Silicon Valley, it is reshaping not only our production methods and our relationship to work, but also the core structure of our societies, human interactions, and how we view our own condition. In this new era of uncertainty, what will guide us, define us, and shape us? What role and place will we hold in a society in upheaval? How will we understand social and intimate relationships? What perception will we have of our augmented or modified existences?

Looking Toward 2050 

Throughout 2018/2019, drifting from utopia to dystopia, a variety of speakers and events (including conferences, concerts, exhibitions, debates, performances, workshops, a writing residency, and more) will provide new insight into the evolutions that the future may bring and to contribute to their trajectories.

Visit our website to learn more about the season and upcoming events, including the launch of the exhibition "After Tomorrow," curated by re.riddle.


Hongtao Zhou | Framed Textscapes 2018