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Jan 27
Raphaël Liogier 126 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Jan 22
Barbara Stiegler 1263 Lincoln Dr, Carbondale, IL 62901
Jan 28
Film Series
Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC

Authors on Tour

The Book Department of the French Embassy in New York collaborates with universities, libraries, bookstores, publishing houses, and other venues across the United States to organize events with visiting authors. If you would like to plan an event with one of our visiting authors, please review the APPLICATION PROCEDURES. For current and upcoming authors please visit the following page. To suggest an author please visit this page.

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  • Julia Billet
    PROGRAM FULL | JAN 19 - FEB 2, 2020
    Julia Billet is an acclaimed French novelist and author of short stories, children's books, and poetry.
  • Barbara Stiegler
    JAN 20 - FEB 5, 2020
    Philosopher Barbara Stiegler will present her latest book, "Il faut s'adapter" : Sur un nouvel impératif politique published by Gallimard in 2019.
  • Philippe Lançon
    PROGRAM FULL | JAN 22 - 31, 2020
    French journalist and writer Philippe Lançon is embarking on a US Tour for the release of his memoir Disturbance: Surviving Charlie Hebdo, translated by Steven R
  • Mark Alizart
    JAN 24 - FEB 2, 2020
    Mark Alizart is a philosopher, writer, and the author of Dogs (Polity Books, 2019). He is curently working on a book about the environment that will be published next year.
  • Javad Djavahery
    FEB 24 - MARCH 8, 2020
    Celebrated Iranian novelist and short story writer Javad Djavahery is embarking on a US Tour for the release of My Part of Her, translated by Emma Ramadan and to
  • Felwine Sarr
    MARCH 14-23, 2020
    Felwine Sarr is a philosopher, economist, and musician; he is the author of Afrotopia (University of Minnessota Press, 2019, tr. by Drew S. Burk).
  • Léo Quievreux
    MARCH 31 - APRIL 17, 2020
    Léo Quievreux is a journalist, illustrator, and pionneer in the comic book industry who will be coming to the U.S.
  • Kaouther Adimi
    APRIL 9-19, 2020
    The great Algerian novelist Kaouther Adimi is embarking on a US Tour for the release of Our Riches, translated by Chris Andrew and to be published by New Directions in April 2020.
  • Julia Cagé
    MARCH 22 - MAY 6, 2020
    Julia Cagé is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Sciences Po and the author of The Price of Democracy: How Money Shapes Politics and What to Do About It (Harvard UP). 
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