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Oct 20
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Michèle Métail

Experimental French poet Michèle Métail will be touring in the US in December to present her collection of poems The Earth's Horizons. Panorama translated by American poet Marcella Durand and soon to be published by Black Square Editions (September 2019).

Michèle Métail's work is characterized by a rhythmical and musical approach of the text, sometimes accompanied by slideshows, musicians or taped sound. Her publications are mostly oral and can take anything from ten minutes up to several hours. Since 1973, the year of her first public performance, she has been broadcasting her work in so-called Publications orales, in which she uses a variety of languages and dialects. In the author's view, the projection of words into space is "the ultimate stage of writing", the affirmation of presence within language.

The exploration of the limits of meaning, the creation of semantic halos, the frequently jagged syntax attempt to render the slight fuzziness of perception as it captures reality. Although Métail's writing is nourished by contact with the world and by travel, encounters and meetings between various modes of expression are just as indispensable to her. Together with composer Louis Roquin, she is the co-founder of Les Arts Contigus, an association which likes to explore genre transgression. In 2018 she was awarded the prize Bernard Heidsieck from Centre Pompidou for her work.

About the Book: The Earth’s Horizons. Panorama

The Earth’s Horizons (Les horizons du sol. Panorama) is the result of a three-month residency at cipM, centre international de poésie Marseille, in 1998. This portrait of Marseille City in 14 views, with collages was first published by Spectres Familiers in 1999.

Read an extract here.


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