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Dec 6
French Drama in the Spotlight at Princeton Princeton New Jersey 08544 USA
Dec 9
Is Interpretation a Kind of Translation? 144 Louis A. Simpson International Building, Princeton, New Jersey, 08544 USA
Dec 6
French Drama in the Spotlight at Princeton Princeton New Jersey 08544 USA

Stéphane Bouquet

Multifaceted French poet Stéphane Bouquet is embarking on a US Tour in December for the release of his collection of poems, The Next Loves, translated by Lindsay Turner and soon to be released by Nightboat Books (September 24, 2019). 

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Stéphane Bouquet is the author of several collections of poems and—most recently—a book of essays on poems, La Cité de paroles (2018). He has published books on filmmakers such as Sergei Eisenstein and Gus Van Sant, as well as screenplays for feature films, non-fiction films, and short films, and has translated poets including Paul Blackburn, James Schuyler, and Peter Gizzi into French. He’s also interested in performance arts and has given workshops for choreographers at the Centre national de la danse in Paris and for actors and stage directors at La Manufacture in Lausanne, Switzerland. Bouquet is a recipient of a 2003 Prix de Rome and a 2007 Mission Stendhal Award, and has been featured in France and internationally at festivals, residencies, and events, including the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair and the 2018 Toronto Festival of Authors. He holds an M.A. in economics from Université Panthéon-Sorbonne.

About the Book: The Next Loves

In Stéphane Bouquet’s The Next Loves, French poetic tradition meets the New York School poets in a unique take on homosexuality, desire, loneliness, and love in an era of global inequality and fundamental precarity. Bouquet’s work delicately carves out space for passages from I to you to the collective we.


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