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Arthur De Pins

Arthur de Pins is a French illustrator and comic book author, born in 1977. Before turning to illustration for advertising and media productions, Arthur de Pins began his career with cartoons and has made three short films (including, "The Crab Revolution" (which won awards in over fifty festivals), TV pilots (Drew Carey's Green Screen Show) and character designs (for the TV show "Magic").

From his cartoonist background, he keeps the freshness and expressiveness of characters as well as a taste for derision that we can find looming in all of his drawings. His love for creating characters paired with his desire to see them through picaresque circumstances have naturally led Arthur de Pins to thrive in the comic books field through three successful series: the erotic series Péchés Mignons (published by Fluide Glacial), the gloomy and fancy Zombillenium (Dupuis) and the animal fable La Marche du Crabe (Noctambule). Arthur de Pins has been working, for over a year now, as director and screenwriter on the feature film adaptation of Zombillenium.


In French

Graphic novels :

  • -Péchés Mignons
    •            Péchés Mignons, Fluide glacial, 2006
    •            Péchés Mignons 2, Chasse à l’homme, Fluide glacial, 2007
    •            Péchés Mignons 3, Garce Attack !, Fluide glacial, 2008
    •            Péchés Mignons 4, Fluide glacial, 2010
  • -La Marche du crabe
    •            La Condition des crabes, Noctambule, 2010
    •            L’Empire des crabes, Noctambule, 2011
    •            La révolution des crabes, Noctambule, 2012
  • -Zombillénium
    •            Gretchen, Dupuis, 2010
    •            Ressources humaines, Dupuis, 2011
    •            Control Freaks, Dupuis, 2013


In English

  • -Zombillenium
    •             Gretchen, NBM Publishing, 2013
    •             Human Ressources, NBM Publishing, 2014