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Cézanne Portraits National Gallery of Art 6th Street and Constitution Avenue NW Washington DC, 20565
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Visionary Form: Dressing Up for the Screen Metrograph 7, Ludlow Street New York NY 10002
  • Gerty Dambury
    NOV 2018
    Gerty Dambury is a theater director, novelist, and poet from Guadeloupe.
  • Éric Vuillard
    OCT 2018
    Éric Vuillard is a writer and filmmaker. He has made two films, L’homme qui marche and Mateo Falcone, the latter based on a story by Prosper Mérimée.
  • Négar Djavadi
    Spring 2018
    Négar Djavadi was born in Iran in 1969 to a family of intellectuals opposed to the regimes both of the Shah, then of Khomeini.
  • Leila Slimani
    April 2018
    Leïla Slimani is a novelist and journalist. She was awarded the Prix Goncourt in 2016 for her novel Chanson douce, soon appearing in English as The Perfect Nanny (Penguin Books).
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