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Dec 17
Annabelle Playe on Tour Hi-Tone Café 412 N Cleveland Memphis, TN 38104 United States
Dec 18
By the Grace of God Avalon Theater 5612 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015, US
  • Chen Jiang Hong
    PROGRAM FULL | JAN 5-18, 2020
    Chen Jiang Hong is a francophone Chinese painter and illustrator living in Paris. In 2019 he won the
  • Julia Billet
    JAN 19 - FEB 2, 2020
    Julia Billet is an acclaimed French novelist and author of short stories, children's books, and poetry.
  • Barbara Stiegler
    JAN 20 - FEB 5, 2020
    Philosopher Barbara Stiegler will present her latest book, "Il faut s'adapter" : Sur un nouvel impératif politique published by Gallimard in 2019.
  • Philippe Lançon
    JAN 24 - FEB 2, 2020
    French journalist and writer Philippe Lançon is embarking on a US Tour for the release of his memoir Disturbance: Surviving Charlie Hebdo, translated by Steven R
  • Mark Alizart
    JAN 24 - FEB 2, 2020
    Mark Alizart is a philosopher, writer, and the author of Dogs (Polity Books, 2019). He is curently working on a book about the environment that will be published next year.
  • Javad Djavahery
    FEB 24 - MARCH 8, 2020
    Celebrated Iranian novelist and short story writer Javad Djavahery is embarking on a US Tour for the release of My Part of Her, translated by Emma Ramadan and to
  • Felwine Sarr
    MARCH 14-23, 2020
    Felwine Sarr is a humanist, philosopher, economist, and musician; he is the author of Afrotopia (University of Minnessota Press, 2019, tr. by Drew S. Burk).
  • Kaouther Adimi
    APRIL 9-19, 2020
    The great Algerian novelist Kaouther Adimi is embarking on a US Tour for the release of Our Riches, translated by Chris Andrew and to be published by New Directions in April 2020.
  • Julia Cagé
    MARCH 22 - MAY 6, 2020
    Julia Cagé is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Sciences Po and the author of The Price of Democracy: How Money Shapes Politics and What to Do About It (Harvard UP).