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The Empress Cixtisis

by Anne Simon | Translated by Jenna Allen

Under the reign of Queen Aglaia, the people of Suffragette City have lived in peace and harmony. But all is thrown into chaos when the Empress Cixtisis, ruler of neighboring Chinchinia, kidnaps all of the men of Agalaia’s queendom in order to castrate and enslave them. Can Aglaia outwit the Empress and bring back her men before it's too late? Cartoonist Anne Simon's eagerly anticipated sequel to The Song of Aglaia is another brilliant work of allegorical fantasy with a feminist spin, told with a singular verbal and visual wit.

"Simon’s fierce, dangerous The Song of Aglaia was one of the finest and subtlest works of 2018. How nice it is to see her expanding that universe of weird critters in this new book, based on the reign of the Chinese empress Cixi." — Paste

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Originally published by Misma in 2014 with the title Cixtine Impératrice.

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French cartoonist and illustrator Anne Simon is best known in the U.S. for drawing graphic biographies of Freud, Marx, and Einstein, in collaboration with writer Corinne Maier. Since graduating from the École Supérieure de l’Image in Angoulême and Arts Déco in Paris, she has contributed to various magazines and worked on her own comics series: The Marylène's Tales, which includes The Song of Aglaia and Empress Cixtine. In 2004, she received the “Young Talent” award at the Angoulême Comics Festival.