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French by Birth, American by the Grace of God

J-Louis Belard

After retiring as a colonel from the French Military Health Service and working in America in the field of biomedical research for more than 20 years, Dr. Belard, a French-trained physician, shares his views on all facets of American life and etiquette. With facts and humor, he describes the attitudes that French and Americans have toward money, education, food, and sports while analyzing the differences and commonalities between both cultures in all areas of daily life. He analyzes what separates these two countries in all areas of every day's life without forgetting to identify the traits that makes them so similar. More than 200 years ago, Lafayette and Rochambeau helped George Washington free his country from English rule. In turn, with the aid of Pershing, and later, Eisenhower, France was twice able to recover its freedom. Yet, in spite of their historical alliance, the relationship between the two countries has been strained on occasion. As a fervent supporter of a strong and lasting friendship between two countries which are loyal partners historically, politically, and economically, the author hopes to shed some light on the peculiar, often funny, and sometimes stormy Franco-American love affair.


About the author

After serving in the French army as a clinician, researcher, diplomat, mentor and program director, Dr. Belard moved to the U.S. and spent the last 22 years sharing his extensive experience with three federal medical research organizations. In recognition of his work teaching and directing research, lecturing in national and international institutes, and publishing scholarly articles, the French government bestowed upon him the three most prestigious awards including the Legion of Honor. He was inducted into the Order of Military Medical Merit in 2006 and has been listed in the 2010 edition of Who's Who in America.


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