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My Feel Good Book

Françoize Boucher

Bursting with 90 inspirational ideas and activities, this is a practical and fun guide to self-confidence and well-being: essential reading for children aged 7 to 9, and perfect for all the family to enjoy together. From happiness-boosting phrases to exploring the big outdoors, easy-to-follow steps for managing emotions to ditching technology and building dens out of books, Françoize Boucher's imaginative advice is perfect whenever you need a sparkle of happiness or a rainbow of calm. A super stylish, accessible and delightfully funny book guaranteed to make you feel good!

Originally in charge of the collections of prestigious fashion brands (Repetto, Le Bon Marché), Françoize Boucher is now dedicating herself since several years to the creation of atypical books, dealing with deep topics through humor and poetry. She has already published a dozen of books in France at Nathan. She lives in Paris.

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