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Suite Française: Storm in June

Emmanuel Moynot; David Homel (translator)

Arsenal Pulp, September 2015

A stirring graphic novel based on the extraordinary book by Irène Némirovsky.

Suite Française, an extraordinary novel about village life in France just as it was plunged into chaos with the German invasion of 1940, was a publishing sensation ten years ago; Irene Nemirovsky completed the two-volume book, part of a planned larger series, in the early 1940s before she was arrested in France and eventually sent to Auschwitz, where she died. The notebook containing the novels was preserved by her daughters but not examined until 1998; it was finally published in France in 2004 and became a huge international bestseller, including in North America, where it has sold over 1 million copies.

This dramatic and stirring graphic novel, translated from the French and faithful to the spirit of Nemirovsky's story, focuses on Book 1, entitled "Storm in June", in which a disparate group of Paris citizens flees the city ahead of the advancing German troops. However, their orderly plans to escape are eclipsed by the chaos spreading across the country, and their sense of civility and well-being is replaced by a raw desire to survive.

A film version of Suite Francaise, starring Michelle Williams, Kristen Scott Thomas, and Margot Robbie, will be released in North America this fall.

About the Authors

Emmanuel Moynot is a graphic artist who has authored more than forty graphic novels published in France since the 1980s, including several featuring detective Nestor Burma, based on the crime novels of Leo Malet. He lives in Bordeaux, France.

David Homel, born and raised in Chicago, is a Governor General Literary Award-winning translator and writer. His most recent translations include Kuessipan by Naomi Fontaine, The World is Moving around Me: A Memoir of the Haiti Earthquake by Dany Laferriere, The Last Genet: A Writer in Revolt by Hadrien Laroche, and The Inverted Gaze by Francois Cusset (all Arsenal Pulp), and his own novels include Midway and, most recently, The Fledglings. He lives in Montreal.

Irène Némirovsky (born February 11, 1903, Kiev, died August 17, 1942, Auschwitz, Poland) was a Jewish novelist and biographer born in the Ukraine, who lived and worked in France.


Read a .pdf excerpt of Suite Française: Storm in June


To learn more about Suite Française: Storm in June, check out the publisher's website.