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Best European Fiction 2013

Various Authors | Edited by Aleksandar Hemon | Preface by John Banville

For 2013, the acclaimed Aleksandar Hemon has assembled what may be Dalkey Archive Press's most dynamic edition to date, with an introduction by John Banville and stunning fiction from more than thirty countries, from England's A.S. Byatt to Bosnia and Herzegovina's Semezdin Mehmedinović, Denmark's Christina Hesselholdt to France's Marie Redonnet. Other notable contributors include Belgian author Paul Edmond and Swiss author Bernard Comment.



“The collection’s diverse range of styles includes more experimental works than a typical American anthology might . . . [Mr. Hemon’s] only criteria were to include the best works from as many countries as possible.” - Wall Street Journal “Best European Fiction is an exhilarating read.” - Time “Readers for whom the expression ‘foreign literature’ means the work of Canada’s Alice Munro stand to have their eyes opened wide and their reading exposure exploded as they encounter works from places such as Croatia, Bulgaria, and Macedonia (and, yes, from more familiar terrain, such as Spain, the UK, and Russia).” - Booklist Starred Review “[W]e can be thankful to have so many talented new voices to discover.”- Library Journal


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