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Foucault Against Himself

François Caillat (dir.); David Homel (translator)

Arsenal Pulp, September 2015

A thought-provoking collection of essays on Michel Foucault that reframes his legacy.

In his private life, as well as in his work and political attitudes, Michel Foucault often stood in contradiction to himself, especially when his expansive ideas collided with the institutions in which he worked. In Francois Caillat's provocative collection of essays and interviews based on his French documentary of the same name, leading contemporary critics and philosophers reframe Foucault's legacy in an effort to build new ways of thinking about his struggle against society's mechanisms of domination, demonstrating how conflict within the self lies at the heart of Foucault's life and work.

Includes a foreword written specially for this edition by Paul Rabinow, Professor of Anthropology at the University of California (Berkeley) and an influential writer on the works of Foucault; he is the co-editor of The Essential Foucault.

Foucault against Himself features essays and interviews by

Leo BersaniGeorges Didi-HubermanArlette FargeGeoffroy de Lagasnerie

About the Authors

François Caillat is a filmmaker. He has taught philosophy, and made a number of documentaries, including works on Nobel Prize-winning French author J.M.G. Le Clézio and feminist writer Julia Kristeva. His documentary Foucault contre lui-même was broadcast in France in 2014.

Leo Bersani’s career spans more than 50 years and extends across a wide spectrum of fields including French studies, modernism, realist fiction, psychoanalytic criticism, film studies and queer theory. His books include Homos.

Georges Didi-Huberman is a French philosopher and art historian. His books include The Invention of Hysteria and Images in Spite of All: Four Photographs from Auschwitz.

Arlette Farge is a French historian and the author of The Allure of the Archives.

Geoffroy de Lagasnerie is a philosopher based in Paris. His books include La dernière leçon de Michel Foucault.


"Michel Foucault is one of the great exemplars of an intellectual never content to rest with the resolutions at which he arrives from one moment to the next. He charts a discernable path from start to finish, but a path that regularly folds back on itself, corrects its wrong turns and takes new substantive directions as the quest for a continuous transformation of himself through his work compels him to do. Foucault against himself: if we heed his precedent, we might avoid falling into the hollow and blind abyss into which the intellectually complacent almost always fall." — Prof. James D. Faubion, Rice University and editor of Foucault Now


To learn more about Foucault Against Himself, check out the Publisher's website.