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«Give my Poor Heart Ease : Voices of the Mississippi Blues» published in French

William Ferris

Dr William Ferris, a professor of History and Folklore at UNC Chapel Hill with a focus on Southern African American folklore and culture, spent time touring his homestate of Mississippi throughout the 60s and 70s. With his camera, video camera and tape recorder, Dr Ferris recorded the voices and musical performances of African American people in many places such as churches, fields, clubs, prisons, etc. These recordings, invaluable testimonies of the daily struggles and rich musical culture of a community in the midst of tumultuous times, are artistically collected in an illustrated book including a CD with 22 tracks and a DVD with 6 documentary films.Give my Poor Heart Ease: Voices of the Mississippi Blues, now available in the French language, is a beautiful collection of portraits of blues musicians, whose lives and musical traditions, through a wide range of joyful and dramatic human experiences, highlight the history of the Blues, and a unique aspect of America's culture.

French edition:«Les Voix du Mississippi»William Ferris © Papa Guédé, 2013