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Francis Picabia Catalogue Raisonné

William A. Camfield

This publication is the first of four volumes in the catalogue raisonné of Francis Picabia (1879–1953), one of the most significant, challenging artists of the 20th century. The works in Volume I range from Picabia’s early pieces as an Impressionist in the 1890s to his Cubist and abstract paintings of 1912–14, which constitute landmarks in the history of modern art. 

This volume allows for new critical and scientific readings of his work and piques interest in his lesser-known pieces. Along with illustrations of each featured work, the book includes an introduction, chronology, bibliography, list of exhibitions, and indices.

Volumes II-IV will explore Picabia's fundamental role in Dada, followed by a variety of figurative styles, and a return to profoundly personal abstract art toward the end of his life. An addendum is anticipated for paintings that emerge after publication of the initial volumes and for the majority of the artist's works on paper.

About the authors

William A. Camfield is professor emeritus of art history, Rice University. Arnauld Pierre is professor of art history, Universite Paris-Sorbonne. Candace Clements is affiliate professor of art history, University of Houston, and research associate of the Comite Picabia. Beverley Calte is an independent scholar.

"This series promises to be a fascinating investigation of an unpredictable, innovative artist, whose work frustrated and perplexed supporters and opponents over course of a productive life."—Alexander Adams, Art Newspaper

For more information, please visit Francis Picabia Catalogue Raisonné Volume 1 by William A. Camfield