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The Strange Death of Sullivan Chance

Thierry Maugenest; David Beardsmore (Translator)

Translated by David Beardsmore, with an introduction by Diane Johnson (Roaring Forties Press, November 2014).

A 2010 French Voices Award winner. 

What’s real and what’s not in our media-crazy world?

Part mystery, part adventure, part satire, this audacious novel unravels the tale of Sullivan Chance, a hick picked by a scheming TV producer to be the star of a new reality show. Sullivan will win $25 million if he can make it around the world in eighty days…but he must do so without a dime in his pocket and with cameras following his every move.

Nothing much is what it seems, except perhaps Sullivan himself, an innocent abroad discovering love and adventure and uncovering secrets that some people will kill to keep hidden.

The novel takes the form of a narrative kaleidoscope—a carousel of extracts from diaries, press reports, police reports, history books, and interviews with friends, fraudsters, and svengalis.


About the author

Thierry Maugenest spent ten years translating books while traveling around the world. He settled down in the South of France, where he started writing his own books. He is the author of three other novels, which have been translated into a variety of languages. Diane Johnson divides her time between San Francisco and Paris. David Beardsmore has spent five years translating both German and French texts into English. He currently also teaches English to French adults.

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