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The Book in the Book in the Book

Julien Baer (author) & Simon Bailly (illustrator)

A clever novelty and metatheater book in which a book, found abandoned on the beach by a young boy, actually leads the boy and the reader inside a smaller printed book…then another.

As Thomas’s parents nap, he goes for a walk and gets lost—until he sees a worn and abandoned book lying on the ground. He picks it up and finds himself in a totally different scene—as is the reader, who has literally opened a different book inside the first. This happens one more time—another book within a book opened, another new world entered—until finally Thomas and his parents are reunited. But what will happen next?

Originally published by hélium éditions in 2018 with the title Le Livre du livre du livre. Translation available from January 8.

Julien Baer is a composer and singer who has had several albums released in France as well as several children’s books. He lives in Paris.

Simon Bailly is a French artist, illustrator, and graphic designer who has worked on graphic novels and whose work has appeared in Citrus Review, Economic Alternatives, The Express, France.fr, and many more. He lives in Le Havre.