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Americanine: A Haute Dog in New York

Yann Kebbi | Illustrated by Yann Kebbi

Enchanted Lion Books, June 2015

In this lively children's story, a French dog recounts his trip to New York City to his pals. His vivid descriptions accompanied by vibrant, kinetic sketches, allow  the reader to see through his eyes. Whether it's the Wonder Wheel, the Guggenheim, or a pug peering through the window of a doughnut shop window, Americanine pulsates with energy!

About the Author

Yann Kebbi was born in 1987. After receiving a degree in illustration from the Estienne School of Art, and recently graduating from the Paris Arts-Déco, he remained in Paris, where he spends his time making prints, monotypes, and pencil sketches. Americanine, A Haute Dog in New York, is his first book. His drawings have also been published in magazines and newspapers including the New Yorker, the New York TimesRevue XXI, and others.

At first glance, Kebbi's collection of sketchbooks, illustrations, comic strips, and prints are on the twee side of cheerful. A closer look, however, reveals a darker nature lurking behind the candy-colored exterior. Behold people fighting, begging, jumping through hoops, rammed on to trains, and judging each other in strange competitions. These details are a welcome change from the all too common  “just plain nice" and elevate Kebbi's illustrations from good to great.

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