The French Embassy offers financial aid to American institutions universities, libraries, bookstores, publishing houses, and other venues across the United States wishing to host French authors for readings, signings, and symposia. The authors listed below are currently available for booking. Priority will be given to institutions which submit a detailed project for an American audience, especially events with wide visibility such as bookfairs and multidisciplinary festivals. Preference will also be given to panels involving International or American writers or events organized in conjunction with an exhibition or other special program. If you would like to invite one of these authors to your institution, please read the application procedures.

Fariba Hachtroudi

February 2016
USA tour
Winner of the 2001 French Human Rights Prize, French-Iranian author Fariba Hachtroudi's English-language debut explores themes as old as time: the crushing effects of totalitarianism and the infinite power of love. READ MORE

Andreï Makine

April 2016

Andreï Makine is a Russian-born French author whose notable works include 1995's Dreams of My Russian Summers, the first book in French history to win both the Prix Goncourt and Prix Médicis in the same year, and his most recent novel, Brief Loves That Live Forever. In 2011, Makine confirmed a suspicion that he had published four books over the course of a decade under the pseudonym "Gabriel Osmonde".


Kettly Mars

April 2016
USA tour

Kettly Mars was born in 1958 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where she resides today. After winnning the 1996 Jacques Stéphen Alexis Prize, her first major collection of poetry and short stories, Un parfum d'encens, was published in 1999. Since then, she has written several novels, including L'heure hybride (Vents d'ailleurs, 2005), Aux Frontières de la soif (Mercure de France, 2013), and Je suis vivant (Mercure de France, 2015).


Karim Miské

April-May 2016
USA tour
Arab Jazz is film director Karim Miské's first novel. He demonstrates a masterful control of setting, as he moves seamlessly between the sensual streets of Paris and the synagogues of New York to reveal the truth behind a horrifying crime. READ MORE

Alban Cerisier

April 2-12, 2016
North East
Alban Cerisier is an archivist and historian specializing in the history of publishing. He has written several works on literary history, in addition to a book on the history of Gallimard, Histoire de La NRF, published in 2009. READ MORE

Colin Giraud

February 28 - March 15, 2016
USA tour
Colin Giraud is a sociology professor at the University of Nanterre. His research focuses on urban and gender sociology, with special interest in the sociopolitical effects of the reorganized Western metropolis. Quartiers gays, published in 2014, compiles his research on these subjects in France and North America. READ MORE

Elisabeth Lebovici

February 23, March 6, 2016
USA tour
Elisabeth Lebovici is a French art historian, critic, journalist, and lecturer at Sciences-Po in Paris. Her work grapples with gender and sexuality, as well as the relationships between feminism, queer theory, art history, and contemporary art. She is also the author of several monographs on contemporary artists and teaches at EHESS and Sciences-Po, Paris. READ MORE

Maylis de Kerangal

February / March 2016
USA tour
Maylis de Kerangal's last novel, The Heart, is published in USA by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Her writing has been widely praised for its scope, originality, and use of language. The style of her prose is rich and innovative, playing with different registers (from highly literary to colloquial slang), inventing words, and playing with speed and tension through grammatical ellipsis and elision. READ MORE

Magali Bonniol

December 2015
Magali Bonniol is a self-made woman. She creates her books by digging deeply into her childhood memories and fumbling through the piles of drawings she has been collecting in numerous files since she was a teenager. READ MORE

Lyonel Trouillot

October 2015
Puerto Rico, Florida and Louisiana
Lyonel Trouillot is a novelist, poet, journalist, and professor of literature. He was fascinated by literature from an early age (he wrote his first story when he was 6 years old and quit law school in order to write). He is the author of 11 novels, two essays and a book of poetry. His La belle amour humaine was shortlisted for the Goncourt in 2011 and received the Grand Prix du Roman Métis (2011), the Geneva Book Fair Literary Prize (2012), and the Gitanjali Literary Prize (2012). In 2011, he was awarded the Prix Wepler for his novel Yanvalou pour Charlie, and in 2013, he was awarded the Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe et du Tout-Monde for Parabole du failli. READ MORE

Luc Lang

November 2015
Luc Lang is the prize-winning author of, among others: "Voyage sur la ligne d’horizon", "Cruel 13", "La Fin des passages", "Mille six cents ventres", "11 septembre mon amour", and "L'Autoroute". He has in addition to novels and short stories, written essays on visual arts. Lang writes widely on contemporary art and on the art of the novel and teaches aesthetics at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris et Cergy. His "Cruel Tales from the 13th Floor" was just published in English by The University of Nebraska Press. READ MORE

Marianne Rubinstein

November 2-13, 2015
Marianne Rubinstein is an Associate Professor of Economics at Université Paris 7. She has written a number of essays, as well as novels for both children and adults. In 2002, she published "Tout le monde n’a pas la chance d’être orphelin", an essay on the children of orphans of the Shoah. In "C’est maintenant du passé", published in 2009, she further explores the subject of the Shoah and recounts the story of her father’s family. Rubinstein is also the author of "L'Economie pour toutes", a book on the Economy written by and for women. READ MORE