April 5- May 4, 2013
New York | Washington | Pittsburgh | Boston | Chicago | Portland


Boulet is a comic book writer who has published over 40 books in France, including the "Raghnarok" series. He began drawing for Tchô ! magazine almost 15 years ago, while he was studying at the Beaux Arts of Strasbourg. In 2004 he began working on Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar’s series "Dungeon" for Back in Style, before starting his own webcomic. Available to U.S. audiences in English, the blog receives nearly 8000 unique visitors per day. His French blog receives 50,000 visitors daily and has been the basis for seven books published by Delcourt! Boulet, whose is largely based on improvisation, also gives performances, talks, exhibitions and much more. >> More info (pdf)

Webcomic: French / English
Exhibitions: French / English
Other: Illustrations / Videos

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