Lola Lafon

October-November 2016
Toronto - New York - San Francisco
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Lola Lafon, with a French, Russian and Polish background, was raised in the equally diverse cities of Bucharest, Sofia and Paris. Her first love was dance, but then she turned to writing. Her first three novels were published by Flammarion. These titles were nominated for several French literary awards, and tackle several ideological themes such as capitalism, antifascism, utopia or feminism.

Lafon is politically engaged in several collectives, addressing feminist questions and concerns; while she runs writing workshops aimed towards underserved or disadvantaged youth populations.

About The Little Communist Who Never Smiled

(Seven Stories Press, 2016, translated by Nick Caistor)

The Little Communist Who Never Smiled won ten prizes when it was released in France. This fictionalized account of the life of Nadia Comaneci, a child of communist Romania and an Olympic gymnast who inspired young girls around the globe, shows how a single athletic event mesmerizes the world and reverberates across nations.

Tour Program


Monday, October 24, 8pm - roundtable at International Festival of Authors

Tuesday, October 25, 7pm - rencontre à l'Alliance Française de Toronto

Wednesday, October 26, -pm - Roundtable "Writing History, Telling Stories" at the IFOA.


Thursday, October 27, 5:30pm - Boston University, Center for European Studies


Friday October 28, 7pm - Albertine: An evening with Alexandra Schwartz

Sunday October 30, 7pm - Blue Stockings: A conversation with Jessica Strand

Tuesday November 1 - Lycée Français de New York and Alliance Française of Westchester

Wednesday November 2, 2pm to 5pm - Lehman College: A literary afternoon


Friday, November 4: Gender in Translation at Berkeley University

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