Camus: A Stranger in the City

March 26-April 19, 2016

This spring marks the 70th anniversary of Camus’s one and only trip to the United States. From March to May 1946, he delivered lectures at universities, spoke of the French resistance to Nazi occupation, and acted as a critical observer of American society. Outside of intellectual and literary circles, the young author was scarcely known when he arrived. But he would be. During the course of his visit, his novel The Stranger was published in English for the first time.

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Karim Miské, Andrei Makine and Abdellah Taïa at the PEN World Voices Festival 2016

April 25, 2016 - May 1, 2016
About PEN World Voices Festival More than 150 writers from 30 countries in venues from Lower Manhattan and Harlem to The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn Meet the creative voices shaping Mexico’s literary culture, and rethink the stories of migration, the border and national identity through the illuminating lens offered by writers and artists. In addition to the Mexico-themed programming, the festival offers a globally inspired array of conversations, readings, performances, and workshops, featuring rare New York appearances by leading and emerging authors from around the globe. Let the power of literature change you! read more

2016 French Cultures Festival

MARCH 1-31, 2016
Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas
Each year in March, the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Houston organizes the French Cultures Festival (FCF) in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. A celebration of the diversity of "la francophonie", it brings together people who not only speak French, but also feel, in one way or another, connected to French cultures and the Francophone community. One of the major objectives of the French Cultures Festival is to create awareness of the diversity of contemporary French culture and to stimulate exchanges with the public. read more

Festival Albertine 2015

Nov 5-9, 2015
Showcasing its mission to nurture French-American exchange around books and ideas, Albertine, the bookshop and reading room within the French Embassy, will host the second annual Festival Albertine this fall from November 5-9. The event will feature young, emerging intellectuals with politically engaged voices and diverse cultural perspectives. read more

L'École des Loisirs Celebrates 50 Years of Boundary-Pushing Children’s Books

Nov 20-Dec 20, 2015
A month-long 50th anniversary celebration of French children’s publisher L’École des Loisirs
A month-long 50th anniversary celebration of French children’s publisher L’École des Loisirs, known for its irreverent and boundary-pushing stories that empower children to explore and indulge their curiosity. Festivities include a free, first-ever U.S. exhibition of original drawings by L’École des Loisirs illustrators, and a series of free kids’ workshops at Albertine Books, MoMA Design Store in SoHo, and The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn. read more

2015 PEN World Voices Festival: On Africa

May 4, 2015 | May 10, 2015
The annual PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature comes back and gathers writers from around the globe in New York City, focusing this year on the contemporary literary culture of the African continent and its diaspora. Several francophone writers will take part in PEN World Voices Festival. Alain Mabanckou, Boubacar Boris Diop, Jean-Christophe Rufin, Véronique Tadjo, Achille Mbembe, Odile Cazenave and Ananda Devi among others will be here. read more

Minds in Migration II

Feb 9 - April 24, 2015
After its Season I, kicked off last fall, our Minds in Migration series comes back this spring with a first panel on Benjamin Stora and Abdelwahab Meddeb's book, "A History of Jewish-Muslim Relations: From the Origins to the Present Day". read more

French Cultures Festival 2015

March 1- 31, 2015
Le Mois de la Francophonie in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas
The Cultural Service at the French Consulate in Houston coordinates the French Cultures Festival (FCF) taking place in March in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The festival aims at celebrating French language through cultural and educational events. read more

Festival Albertine

Oct 14 -19, 2014
Curated by author, journalist, and cultural critic Greil Marcus, the Festival Albertine will take place from October 14th through 19th as part of the opening celebrations for the Albertine bookshop, providing a preview of the special events and cross-cultural programming that will take place at the venue year-round. read more

100 Years Later: France and America Commemorate the Great War

Sept 2014 - Feb 2015
The Cultural Service at the Consulate General of France in Chicago presents a series of events to commemorate the WWI centennial in partnership with Midwest institutions. read more

Minds in Migration I

Sept 22, 2014 - Nov 18, 2014
The Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the Collège International de Philosophie present Minds in Migration: a series of debates on contemporary issues. Philosophers, novelists, artists, translators, journalists, social and political scientists alike will join the conversation and shed light on questions raised by these works. read more


November 9th, 2014
Since its creation in 2010, Vis-A-Vis has brought together leading literary figures from France and the United States such as James Ellroy, Norman Klein, Alain Mabanckou or Philippe Djian. The 2014 edition will focus on comics and their adaptation to the screen. read more