Radio Canada Speaks with François-Xavier Schmit, Manager of the Future French Bookshop of New York

October 23, 2013 | By French Culture
Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Laying the First Brick at Groundbreaking the Future French Bookshop of New York (c) Danny Garcia.jpg

René Homier Roy of Radio Canada’s “La Bibliothèque de René”, a radio show devoted to the discussion of books and bookshops, interviews François-Xavier Schmit the manager of the future French bookshop at 972 Fifth Avenue.

René and François-Xavier discuss his recent arrival to New York from Toulouse, and the need for a French bookstore in New York. François-Xavier describes the bookshop’s impressive design by Jacques Garcia,  as well as the selection of books to be found there -- from French classics, to contemporary authors. René and François-Xavier also explore the emergence of e-books in the literary world. Finally, François-Xavier reveals his top book recommendation for the day: Pietra Viva by Leonor De Recondo.

Listen to the interview (in French) here.

The future French bookshop will be located at the French Embassy in New York. It is slated to open spring 2014.

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