The Knight and His Shadow

Written by Boubacar Boris Diop; Alan Furness (Translator)
A brilliant tour de force, this book tells the tale of Lat-Sukabé’s quest to find his former lover, Khadidja. As Lat-Sukabé recounts his past with Khadidja, reality shapeshifts and takes on a dreamlike quality. A lyrical novel from a master of Senegalese literature, where postmodernist sensibilities meet postcolonial concerns . READ MORE


Written by Éric Faye; Emily Boyce (Translator)
In a house on a suburban street in Nagasaki, meteorologist Shimura Kobo lives quietly on his own. Or so he believes. Indeed, food begins to go missing. This Académie Française prize‐winning novel is a moving tale of alienation in the modern world. READ MORE

Free Jazz / Black Power

Written by Philippe Carles and Jean-Louis Comolli; Grégory Pierrot (Translator)
This treatise on the racial and political implications of jazz and jazz criticism remains a testimony to the long ignored encounter of radical African American music and French left-wing criticism. A classic volume that developed a radical new understanding of free jazz and African American culture. READ MORE

Happy Are the Happy

Written by Yasmina Reza; John Cullen (Translator)
The internationally acclaimed playwright and novelist Yasmina Reza stages a band of eighteen characters at war with their lives, with only humor to sustain them. A spiky, brilliantly observed novel about marriage, infidelity, dreams and disillusion. READ MORE

D'un monde à l'autre / Worlds

Written by
Gilles Clavel's new book, "Worlds" is published this month, in French and English simultaneously. It is a collection of two short stories and a novel, where love and time contend with each other. Grab a copy and explore the paths of life in French or English! READ MORE

Street View

Written by Pascal Rabaté
A visually incomparable treat and a brilliant homage to Hitchcock’s "Rear Window", this unusual accordion book presents a view onto the life of a street with its multitude of on-going stories developing before your eyes. READ MORE

Letter to Jimmy

Written by Alain Mabanckou; Sara Meli Ansari (Translator)
Published on the 20th anniversary of James Baldwin’s death, the book is African writer Alain Mabanckou’s ode to his literary hero and an effort to place Baldwin’s life in context within the greater African diaspora. A beautiful homage to a writer who remains a major African American voice almost 27 years after his death. READ MORE

Speedy Graphito: Made in America

Written by Fabien Castanier; Shana Nys Dambrot
Filled with vibrant images of Speedy Graphito's artwork, exhibitions and special projects, this comprehensive volume published by Freeway Editions (Gallery Fabien Castanier) surveys the entirety of the French artist's time working in the U.S. during the past 4 years. READ MORE

The Lady in White

Written by Christian Bobin; Alison Anderson (Translator)
Christian Bobin's book gives a poetic imagined account of Emily Dickinson's life and the work that the beloved and enigmatic poet gave the world. A lyrical rendering of the white recluse. READ MORE

Night and Fog - A Film in History

Written by Sylvie Lindeperg; Tom Mes (Translator)
An engrossing account of Alain Resnais’s incomparable film, this book documents how a film that began as a cinematic spin-off of an educational exhibition became a significant step in the building of a collective consciousness of the tragedy of World War II. A unique interpretation of the interworking of biography, history, politics, and film in one cultural moment. READ MORE

The Bloody Hand

Written by Blaise Cendrars; Graham macLachlan (Translator)
A masterpiece of French war literature, complete and unabridged for the first time in English. READ MORE

The Age of the Poets: And Other Writings on Twentieth-Century Poetry and Prose

Written by Alain Badiou; Bruno Bosteels (Translator)
A new and illuminating set of analyses of literature from one of France’s most important living philosophers. READ MORE


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