The Table

Written by Francis Ponge | Translated by Colombina Zamponi
Written from 1967 to 1973 over a series of early mornings in seclusion in his country home, The Table offers a final chapter in Francis Ponge's interrogation of the unassuming objects in his life: in this case, the table upon which he wrote. READ MORE

Learning What Love Means

Written by Mathieu Lindon |Translated by Bruce Benderson
A brilliant meditation on friendship, Learning What Loves Means provides an insight into a part of Foucault’s life and work that until now, remained unkown. The book won the prestigious Prix Médicis in 2011 when it was published in French. READ MORE

The Scarlet Rose Vol. 1: “I Knew I’d Meet You”

Written by Patricia Lyfoung
Continuing her most improper adventures as a seeker of justice, Maud must still discover the mystery behind her father’s murder and unmask The Fox, the figure that’s been helping (and hindering) her attempts to avenge his death. Their first task: going to Versailles and stealing a ring of the Knights Templar! READ MORE

Siberia 56

Written by Christophe Bec | Illustrated by Alexis Sentenac
Trapped on a planet millions of light years away from Earth, five scientists must survive sub-zero temperatures and horrific alien creatures as they make their way across the dead, frozen landscape to their base in this action-packed graphic novel. READ MORE

Long John Silver

Written by Xavier Dorison | Illustrated by Mathieu Lauffray

About Long John Silver's serie:
He is child of ink and quill, the figurehead of R.L. Stevenson's "Treasure Island". He has lived on crimes and dreams; known the galleons of Madera, the sack of Maracaibo and the Buccaneers' uprisings. He will mix gold and blood to seal his destiny, deep inside the lost kingdoms of the Amazon. He is the last pirate, He is the legend, Long John Silver.


Water Memory

Written by Mathieu Reynès | Illustrated by Valérie Vernay
Marion starts a new life when she moves into the family house that her mother has recently inherited. Now’s her chance to find out more about her family history, about which, until now, she knew practically nothing. READ MORE

Tyler Cross

Written by Brunö and Fabien Nury
A gritty 1950s gangster series with the ultimate bad boy of comics in the leading role. Tyler Cross lives his life on a knife edge, but he never shows the slightest sign of losing his cool. Perhaps that’s why he’s one of the most high-in-demand drug traffickers in the USA. Guns, drugs, and the occasional explosive combine with cutting dialogue and dramatic illustration to make this an unforgettable plunge into good old-fashioned noir. READ MORE

The Death of Stalin

Written by Fabien Nury | Illustrated by Robin Thierry
Fear, corruption and treachery abound in this political satire set in the aftermath of Stalin's death in the Soviet Union in 1953. READ MORE

A Story of Men

Written by ZEP
The creator of Titeuf publishes his last book in the US: A Story of Men! READ MORE

The Stampographer

Written by Vincent Sardon | Translated by Philippe Aronson
"The most exciting book of the Fall publishing season" - The Daily Heller READ MORE

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Interviews and Conversations,1951–1998

Written by Henri Cartier-Bresson |Translated by Carole Naggar
Presented for the first time in English, this volume brings together twelve notable interviews and conversations with Henri Cartier-Bresson carried out between 1951 and 1998. While many of us are acquainted with his images, there are so few texts available by Cartier-Bresson on his photographic process. READ MORE

The Department of Missing Persons

Written by Ruth Zylberman | Translated by Grace McQuillan

A startling debut novel about the burden of Holocaust memory and the implacable zest for life.