Brooklyn Quesadillas

Written by Antony Huchette, translated by Edward Gauvin | November 9, 2013
Brooklyn Quesadillas, by Antony Huchette, translated by Edward Gauvin, Conundrum Press, November 2013

Brooklyn Quesadillas, a graphic novel by Antony Huchette, follows a new father having a mid-life crisis as he navigates the surreal streetscapes of Brooklyn, trying to produce a TV show hosted by a coffeepot. He is then kidnapped by forgotten sitcom stars from the eighties who live on a “fantasy” island and want him to revive their careers.

'One of the year's most touching comic books.' - L'Accoudoir

Antony Huchette is a French artist working in the animation industry in New York. He is also a musician and DJ. He is the author of La marée haute, a graphic novel published in 2008 by 6 pieds sous terre. Brooklyn Quesadillas was published in French by Cornelius Editions, and this translation represents his first work in English.

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