Eternal Friendship

Written by Anouck Durand | Translated by Elizabeth Zuba
Siglio Press
2017 - October
Written by Anouck Durand
Translated by Elizabeth Zuba
Introduced by Eliot Weinberger

Winner of the French Voices Award for excellence in publishing and translation!

This exquisitely composed photo-novel by French artist-writer Anouck Durand—collaged from photographic archives, personal letters and propaganda magazines—tells a true story that begins in Albania during World War II, stops in China during the Cold War, and ends in Israel as Communism crumbles.

About the author: Anouck Durand creates polyphonic photo-novels and image-based narratives using a variety of found materials and archives, drawing on history, pop culture as well as fictional constructions. Her work has been exhibited and collected by a variety of institutions including Museum Nicéphore Niépce and the Kandinsky Library at Centre Georges Pompidou. Eternal Friendship (originally Amitié Éternelle) was exhibited at the Arles Photography Festival in 2014.

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"A graphic poem, a photo novel, an archive-based comic book — Eternal Friendship is a rare juxtapositional mix of genre and media, such that history, the history of ideas, and the bodies that mediate both are captured with tone-perfect temporal lucidity." Christian Hawkey, author of Ventrakl

"Albania and China? Comrades? Who knew? A timely book about dictatorships, propaganda and friendship. Imagine Art Spiegelman meets Chris Marker, told in gorgeous “tricolor” photography, a knock out!" Richard McGuire, author of Here

"The striking thing about Eternal Friendship is the ordinariness of the photography: an anti-aesthetic of experience rather than of art. The story the images has to tell is that much more suspenseful owing to the benign indifference with which it presents itself" -  Marjorie Welish, BOMB Magazine

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