Written by Véronique Bizot | Translated by Youna Kwak
2017 - June

"Gardens are what is wanted. Gardens more than anything else, and supposedly for pleasure, though gardens are nothing but traps. Breathlessly pursuing gardens, we run straight into the lair of the wolf, and when we realize our mistake, are at the mercy of the gardeners."

Even the safe harbor of an ordinary house garden is transformed into bewildering, uncharted territory in Véronique Bizot’s critically acclaimed short story collection Gardeners.

About the author: Véronique Bizot is a critically acclaimed writer of short stories and novels. She has been awarded numerous literary awards in her home country of France, including the France-Québec Marie-Claire Blais Prize (2012), the SACD Grand Prix du Roman (2010 and 2012), the Prix du Style (2011), and the Lilas Prize (2010). Her stories and novels have been widely praised for her singular voice and sensibility, at once strangely tender, darkly humorous, and hauntingly lyrical—a reflection of her self-diagnosis as “a basically nice person who is burdened by the awareness of the worst aspects of humanity.”

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"Gardeners is a wild and unrelenting chorus of voices that thrilled me and terrified me in equal measure." -Catherine Lacey, author of The Answers and Nobody Is Ever Missing

"If you are a short story junkie—if you are a literary adventurer of any kind, really—you need Véronique Bizot’s Gardeners. Reading this book is like listening to music in a key you never knew existed. Each tale is unique, and utterly surprising at every turn. Gardeners sticks. Bizot’s characters, and their voices, will be with me for a long time." -Nicholas Mainieri, author of The Infinite

"Gardeners is a captivating, hypnotic collection, thought-provoking and thick with the flavors of Beckett and Poe. I loved it, and carry the stories with me." -Bill Loehfelm, author of Let the Devil Out

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