The Hunt

Written by Margaux Othats
Penny Candy Books | March 1, 2017

A young girl builds and rebuilds a sculpture out of rocks she finds strewn around as two hunters repeatedly shoot her creation to bits. As the girl perseveres, though, what she creates becomes a testament to the creative spirit and a condemnation of violence.

At its core, The Hunt by Margaux Othats is a meditation on the power of creativity and endurance over the forces of destruction. It's also a visual memo on girl power!

Margaux Othats is a French author-illustrator born in 1989. The Hunt, as La chasse (Éditions Magnani), was shortlisted for The Picture Book Prize at the Montreuil Children’s Book Fair in 2014. Othats’ second book, Un jour dehors, was published in April 2016, also by Éditions Magnani. Othats’ illustrations have appeared in various magazines and journals, including The
New York Times.

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"A simple story with a powerful anti-violence message." Kirkus Reviews

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