Long John Silver

Written by Xavier Dorison | Illustrated by Mathieu Lauffray

About Long John Silver's serie:
He is child of ink and quill, the figurehead of R.L. Stevenson's "Treasure Island". He has lived on crimes and dreams; known the galleons of Madera, the sack of Maracaibo and the Buccaneers' uprisings. He will mix gold and blood to seal his destiny, deep inside the lost kingdoms of the Amazon. He is the last pirate, He is the legend, Long John Silver.

About the illustrator: Mathieu Lauffray, French cartoonist, created the comic Le Serment de l'Ambre and began his professional career illustrating covers for the publishing houses 2 Coqs d'Or and Hachette. He has also worked in the cinema field, and he has done several covers for the American publisher Dark Horse ('Star Wars'). While publishing in magazines like Casus Belli and Player One, Lauffray was also contributing to video games, such as 'Khaos' and 'Alone in the Dark IV'. He returned to comics in 2000, when he launched the 'Prophet' series with scriptwriter Xavier Dorison. 'Prophet' was also adapted into a cinema production by Marco Weber and Atlantic Steamline. Lauffray is additionally the colorist for 'Le Troisième Testament', a series by Alex Alice and Dorison. He also illustrated Valerian published by Europe Comics!

Meet Mathieu Lauffray at the New York Comic Con between October 5th-8th !

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