Mr. Hulot at the Beach

Written by David Merveille | NorthSouth | May 1, 2016

From Publisher's Weekly:

David Merveille (Hello, Mr. Hulot) returns with a second wordless picture book about Monsieur Hulot, the hapless figure of French cinema created and played by Jacques Tati. The slapstick events and beachside setting of this book recall the first film to feature Hulot, 1953’s Mr. Hulot’s Holiday. Here, Hulot fumbles with beach chairs, has a shoe stolen by a seagull, and gets swept out to sea after falling asleep—a restful trip it is not. The yellowed newspaper Hulot attempts to read throughout is the only spot of color in black-and-white scenes that again nod to the book’s cinematic inspiration. Ages 4–8.

"Deft hommage, but hilarious even outside that context."--Kirkus Reviews

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