Siberia 56

Written by Christophe Bec | Illustrated by Alexis Sentenac
Insight Comics
2017 - March

About Siberia 56:
Trapped on a planet millions of light years away from Earth, five scientists must survive sub-zero temperatures and horrific alien creatures as they make their way across the dead, frozen landscape to their base in this action-packed graphic novel.

About the authors:
Christophe Bec
is the writer of over fifty graphic novels. His flagship series as a writer, Shrine, has sold several hundred thousand copies worldwide. He is also the author of the comics Prometheus, Carthago, Darkness, Bunker, and Aéropostale.

Alexis Sentenac worked as a graphic designer for nine years before discovering his passion for comics. His first series, The Hydra of Ares, was based on a screenplay by Eric Corbeyran. He has since collaborated on various science fiction and fantasy series such as Zodiac and the popular Assassin’s Creed series.

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