We're Not Here to Disappear

Written by Olivia Rosenthal; Béatrice Mousli (Translator)
Written by Olivia Rosenthal
Translated by Béatrice Mousli

Otis Books/Seismicity Editions, January 2015.

We’re Not Here to Disappear begins with the portrait of a man suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and goes on to explore the loss of memory, language, and reason. This optimistic book — Rosenthal's seventh in as many years — confirms her talent and verbal inventiveness.

About the author

Paris-born novelist Olivia Rosenthal has published nine books since 1999, including Mes Petites Communautés (1999), On n’est pas là pour disparaître (2007, Prix Wepler, Prix Pierre Simon) and Que font les rennes après Noël? (2010, Prix du Livre Inter, Prix Alexandre-Vialatte). She has also written a number of plays and has been featured as a performance artist in collaboration with filmmakers, writers, choreographers and directors for numerous festivals.


"With We’re Not Here to Disappear, which has just been awarded the Wepler-Fondation La Poste prize, Olivia Rosenthal, at 42-years-old, takes on a frightening subject, Alzheimer’s disease, without falling into excessive pathos or voyeurism...

The narrative is propelled by fragmentary descriptions, interrogations, hypotheses, and the reader is confronted with the words of a man who maintains, “I am no longer a occupant of the world,” as well as with the meanders of the narrator’s thoughts...

But, as always in Olivia Rosenthal’s work, the rhythm and imagination keep us from falling into desperation. And
We’re Not Here to Disappear continues the reflection on identity present in all of her other books. How do we play with memory and forgetting to construct our identities? What remains of them when we lose our memory?

Josyane Savigneau, Le Monde

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